Majorization Problems for Certain Classes of Multivalent Analytic Functions Related with the Srivastava-Khairnar-More Operator and Exponential Function

Huo Tang, Guan-Tie Deng


In the present paper, we investigate several majorizaton problems for certain classes $M_{\mu,p}^{\lambda,\delta}(a,b,c;\eta)$ and $N_{\mu,p}^{\lambda,\delta}(a,b,c;\gamma)$ of multivalent analytic functions related to exponential function, which are defined through the Srivastava-Khairnar-More operator $\mathcal{I}_{\mu,p}^{\lambda,\delta}(a,b,c)$ given by (1.4). Meanwhile, some special cases of our main results in form of corollaries are given.


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