Study of Two Dimensional Boundary Layer Flow of a Thin Film Second Grade Fluid with Variable Thermo-physical Prop erties in Three Dimensions Space

Noor Saeed Khan


The conversion of two dimensional ( x, y ) study into three dimensions space of a magnetohydro dynamic mixed convective heat and mass transfer b oundary layer flow of a thin film second-grade fluid with temperature dependent viscosity and thermal conductivity in the presence of thermal radiation and viscous dissipation past a stretching sheet are analyzed. The occurrence of Hall current produces a force in z -direction which generates a cross flow in that direction and so the motion is made in three dimensions space ( x , y , z ). Similarity transformations are used and the transformed systems of equations of the problem have b een solved by utilizing HAM (Homotopy Analysis Metho d). The salient impacts of the emerging parameters on velo cities, temperature and concentration fields have been displayed graphically and illustrated.


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