Packing 1-Plane Hamiltonian Cycles in Complete Geometric Graphs

Hazim Michman Trao, Niran Abbas Ali, Gek L. Chia, Adem Kilicman


Counting the number of Hamiltonian cycles that are contained in a geometric graph is #P-complete even if the graph is known to be planar [15]. A relaxation for problems in plane geometric graphs is to allow the geometric graphs to be 1-plane, that is, each of its edges is crossed at most once. We consider the following question: For any set of  points in the plane, how many 1-plane Hamiltonian cycles can be packed into a complete geometric graph ? We investigate the problem by taking two different situations of , namely, when  is in convex position, wheel configurations position. For points in general position we prove the lower bound of  where   and  . In all of the situations, we investigate the constructions of the graphs obtained.



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