Convergence Theorems of a Faster Iteration Process Including Multivalued Mappings with Analytical and Numerical Examples

Birol Gündüz, Osman Alagoz, Sezgin akbulut


In this paper, we first gave the modified version of the iteration process of Thakur et al.[15] which is faster than the Picard, the Mann, the Ishikawa, the Noor [9], the Agarwal et al [11] and the Abbas et al. [13] processes. Secondly, we proved weak and strong convergence theorems of this iteration process for multivalued quasi nonexpansive mappings in uniformly convex Banach spaces. Thirdly, we supported our theorems with analytical examples. Finally, we compared rates of convergences for multivalued version of iteration processes mentioned above via a numerical example.


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