Statistical convergence in Intuitionistic fuzzy metric space

vakeel A. Khan


Mohiudddin and Alotaibi [26] introduced the notion of intuitionistic generalized fuzzy met-
ric space as a generalization of generalized fuzzy metric space.Choi et al.[Structure for g-Metric
Spaces and Related Fixed Point Theorems, arXiv preprint arXiv:1804.03651, (2018)] has recently
proposed the notion of g–metric as a generalized notion of the distance function. Employing
the idea in this paper, we first put forth the notion of intuitionistic fuzzy generalized metric
space as a generalization of intuitionistic fuzzy metric space. We describe some properties of
this space and construct examples based on them. Then, we introduce the notion of statistical
convergence, statistical limit points and statistical cluster points of sequences in this space and
establish theorems in their regard by providing appropriate examples in support of them.


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