New results on Hermite--Hadamard type Inequalities via Caputo-Fabrizio fractional Integral for s-convex function

Jamshed Nasir, Shahid Qaisar, Atter Qayyum, Hüseyin Budak


The purposeiof thisiarticle is to construction Hermite-Hadamard itype inequalities viaiCaputo-Fabrizio fractional integralifor s-convexifunction.
The results are applied to fractional variations of Hermite-Hadamarditype
inequalities for differentiable mapping \psi with s-convexiabsolute value derivatives. The findings also provide a new lemma for \psi' and new limits via Caputo- Fabrizio fractionalioperator by using the well-knowniHolder's integral inequalities. Moreover some new boundsifor applications of matrix and special means of different positive real numbers are also discussed.


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