Approximation of Function Belonging to Holder’s Class and Solution of Lane-Emden Differential Equation Using Gegenbauer Wavelet

Harish Chandra Yadav


In this paper, four approximations E (1) 2k−1,0 , E(1) 2k−1,M, E(2) 2k−1,0 , E(2) 2k−1,M of functions of classes Hα [0, 1), Hϕ [0, 1) by (2k−1 , 0)th and (2k−1 , M) th partial sums of their Gegenbauer wavelet expansion in the interval [0, 1), have been estimated. By using Gegenbauer wavelet to solve Lane-Emden differential equation. The solution obtained by Gegenbauer wavelet method is approaches as their exact solution. This is a accomplishment of this research paper in wavelet analysis.


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