Hurewicz and Hurewicz-type star selection principles for hit-and-miss topology

Ricardo Cruz-Castillo, Alejandro Ramírez-Páramo, Jesús F. Tenorio


In this paper we continue the study of the characterization of selection principles in the hyperspaces $CL(X)$, $\mathbb{K}(X)$, $\mathbb{F}(X)$ and $\mathbb{CS}(X)$, endowed with the hit-and-miss topology, by using $\pi_{\Delta}(\Lambda)$-networks and $c_\Delta(\Lambda)$-covers of a topological space $X$.
Specifically, we prove theorems which characterize the covering properties Hurewicz, strongly star Hurewicz, star Hurewicz and absolutely strongly star Hurewicz in this hyperspaces.


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