On Generalized Suzuki-Proinov type ? α,Z ∗ E ? −Contractions in Modular b−Metric Spaces

Abdurrahman Büyükkaya, Andreea Fulga, Mahpeyker Oztürk


This paper’s objective is to put forward a new kind of E−type contraction, which in-
cludes rational expression, by considering Proinov type functions and C G −simulation
functions. This type of contraction is termed as a Suzuki-Proinov type generalized
(α,Z ∗
E )− contraction mapping. Further, some common fixed point theorems using
these new mappings, which are triangular α−admissible pair, are demonstrated in
the setting of modular b−metric space. Besides, the given example indicates the
applicability and validity of the outcomes of this study.


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