Cohomology rings of quasitoric bundles

Askold Khovanskii, Ivan Limonchenko, Leonid Monin


The classical BKK theorem computes the intersection number of divisors on toric variety in terms of volumes of corresponding polytopes. It was observed by Pukhlikov and the first author that the BKK theorem leads to a presentation of the cohomology ring of toric variety as a quotient of the ring of differential operators with constant coefficients by the annihilator of an explicit polynomial.

In this paper we generalize this construction to the case of quasitoric bundles. These are fiber bundles with generalized quasitoric manifolds as fibers. First we obtain a generalization of the BKK theorem to this case. Then we use recently obtained descriptions of the graded-commutative algebras which satisfy Poincaré duality to give a description of cohomology rings of quasitoric bundles.


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