Subordination Results for Some Subclasses of Analytic Functions Using Generalized Q-Dziok-Srivastava-Catas operator

Rabha El-Ashwah



Abstract We introduce two classes of analytic functions related to conic domains, using a new generalized q-Dziok-Srivastava-Catas operator D m,s,r q,τ,` (m ∈ N0 = {0, 1, ..} , r ≤ s + 1; r, s ∈ N0, 0 < q < 1, τ ≥ 0, ` ≥ 0). Basic properties of these classes are studied, such as coefficients estimate. For these new function classes, we establish subordination theorems and also, point out some new and known consequences of our main results.


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