Monotonicity of sets in Hadamard spaces from polarity point of view

Ali Moslemipour, Mehdi Roohi


This paper is devoted to introduce and investigate the notion of monotone sets in Hadamard spaces. First, flat Hadamard spaces are introduced and investigated. It is shown that an Hadamard space $X$ is flat if and only if $X\times X^\medlozenge}$ has $\mathcal{F}_l$-property, where $X^\medlozenge$ is the linear dual of $X$. Moreover, monotone and maximal monotone sets are introduced and also monotonicity from polarity point of view is considered. Some characterizations of (maximal) monotone sets, specially based on polarity, is given. Finally, it is proved that any maximal monotone set is sequentially $bw\times${$\|\cdot\|_{\medlozenge}$}-closed in $X\times X^{\medlozenge}$.


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