A Class of Integral Operators Induced by Harmonic Bergman-Besov Kernels on Lebesgue Classes

ömer faruk doğan


We provide a full characterization in terms of the six parameters involved the boundedness of all standard weighted integral operators induced by harmonic Bergman-Besov kernels acting between different Lebesgue classes with standard weights on the unit ball of Rn. These operators in some sense
generalize the harmonic Bergman-Besov projections. To obtain the necessity conditions, we use a technique that heavily depends on the precise inclusion relations between harmonic Bergman-Besov and weighted
Bloch spaces on the unit ball. This fruitful technique is new. It has been used first with holomorphic Bergman-Besov kernels by Kaptanoğlu and Ureyen. Methods of the sufficiency proofs we employ are Schur tests or Hölder or Minkowski type inequalities which also make use of estimates of Forelli-Rudin
type integrals.


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