A debate on reinterpretation of semi-regularization and sub-maximality in neutrosophic soft spaces

Ahu Acikgoz


In this study, our target point is to focus onneutrosophic soft semi-regularization spaces connected with neutrosophicsoft topological spaces and examine their properties. First, we define the neutrosophic soft sub-maximal space and present the evidences for the existenceof a neutrosophic soft sub-maximal space for every neutrosophicsoft topological space, which is specific to this space and is the expansionof this space. In this document, we focused on the relationship of neutrosophicsoft sub-maximal spaces and neutrosophic soft semi-regular spaces with these spaces. Also, we find that this relationship is very close and itis minimal or maximal depending on some definite properties whichis called neutrosophic soft semi-regular properties. This led us to examine the semi-regularity of different properties. After all, we introduced some typesof functions in neutrosophic soft topological spaces that correspond of some types of functions previously defined in many topological spaces of differenttypes and revealed the behaviours of these functions according to the caseswhere their domain or codomain spaces are replaced by their semi-regularizationspaces.


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