F-geodesics on manifolds

Cornelia-Livia Bejan, Simona-Luiza Druta-Romaniuc


 The notion of F-geodesic, which is slightly different from that of F-planar curve (see [14], [15]), generalizes the magnetic curves, and implicitly the geodesics, by using any (1,1)-tensor field on the manifold (in particular the electro-magnetic field or the Lorentz force). We give several examples
of F-geodesics and the characterizations of the F-geodesics w.r.t. Vranceanu connections on foliated manifolds and adapted connections on almost contact manifolds. We generalize the classical projective transformation, holomorphic-projective transformation and C-projective transformation, by considering a pair of symmetric connections which have the same F-geodesics. We deal with the transformation between such two connections, called       F-projective transformation. We obtain a Weyl type tensor field, invariant under any F-projective transformation, on a   1-codimensional foliation.

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