Degenerate Sumudu Transform and Its Properties

Ugur Duran


Kim-Kim (Russ. J. Math. Phys. 2017, 24, 241-248) defined the degenerate Laplace transform and investigated some of their certain properties. Motivated by this study, in this paper, we introduce the degenerate Sumudu transform and establish some properties and relations. We derive degenerate Sumudu transforms of power functions, degenerate sine, degenerate cosine, degenerate hyperbolic sine, degenerate hyperbolic cosine, degenerate exponential function, and function derivatives. We also acquire a relationship between degenerate Sumudu transform and degenerate gamma function. Moreover, we investigate a scale preserving theorem for the degenerate Sumudu transform. Furthermore, we show that the degenerate Sumudu transform is the theoretical dual transform to the degenerate Laplace transform.


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