Weakly Compatible Maps in Complex Valued Metric Spaces and an Application to Solve Urysohn Integral Equation

Manoj Kumar, Pankaj Kumar, Sanjay Kumar


In this paper, we prove common fixed point theorems for a pair of mappings satisfying rational inequality. Also, we prove common fixed point theorems for weakly compatible maps, weakly compatible along with (CLR) and E. A. properties that generalizes the results of Sintunavarat et. al. [6]. Further, we apply our results to find the solution of Urysohn integral equations

x(t) =  + g(t),

x(t) =  + h(t),

where t  [a, b]   , x, g, h  X and K1, K2 : [a, b] × [a, b] ×  → .

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