Maximal point spaces of posets with relative lower topology

Chong Shen, Xiaoyong Xi, Dongsheng Zhao


In domain theory, by a poset model of a T1 topological space X we usually mean a poset P such that the subspace Max(P) of the Scott space of P consisting of all maximal points is homeomorphic to X. The poset models of T1 spaces have been extensively studied by many authors. In this paper we investigate another type of poset models: lower topology models. The lower topology w(P) on a poset P is one of the fundamental intrinsic topologies on the poset, which is generated by the sets of the form of the complements of principal ideals. A lower topology poset model (poset LT-model) of a topological space X is a poset P such that the space Max_w(P) of maximal points of P equipped with the relative lower topology is homeomorphic to X. The studies of such new models reveal more links between general T1 spaces and order structures. The main results proved in this paper include (i) a T1 space is compact if and only if it has a bounded complete algebraic dcpo LT-model; (ii) a T1 space is second-countable if and only if it has an w-algebraic poset LT-model; (iii) every T1 space has an algebraic dcpo LT-model; (iv) the category of all T1 space is equivalent to a category of bounded complete posets. We will also prove some new results on the lower topology of different types of posets.


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