Applications of Soft Intersection Sets to Hemirings via SI-h-Bi-Ideals and SI-h-Quasi-Ideals

Xueling Ma, Jianming Zhan, Bijan Davvaz


The aim of this paper is to lay a foundation for providing
 a soft algebraic tool in considering many problems that contains
 uncertainties. In order to provide these soft algebraic structures,
 we introduce the concepts of $SI$-$h$-bi-ideals and
 $SI$-$h$-quasi-ideals of hemirings. The relationships between these kinds of
 soft intersection $h$-ideals are established. Finally, some characterizations of
 $h$-hemiregular, $h$-intra-hemiregular and $h$-quasi-hemiregular
 hemirings are investigated by these kinds of soft intersection

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