Inference on a four-parameter generalized weighted‎ ‎exponential distribution‎

Ramin Kazemi, Akram Kohansal, Afshin Fallah, Fariba Nasiri


‎In thi paper‎, ‎we introduce a flexible extension of the generalized weighted exponential distribution which is called four-parameter generalized weighted‎
‎exponential (FGWE) distribution‎. ‎Theoretical properties of this model including the mode‎, ‎median‎, ‎moment generator function‎, ‎moments‎, ‎mean deviations‎, ‎mean residual life‎, ‎coefficients of skewness and kurtosis‎, ‎hazard function‎, ‎survival function‎, ‎Bonferroni and Lorenz curves‎, ‎reliability probability‎, ‎entropy measures and stochasting ordering are derived and studied in details‎.
‎We develop the maximum likelihood estimators of the unknown parameters and‎
‎their corresponding asymptotic confidence intervals‎. ‎A simulation‎
‎study and a real world application are also worked out to assess the‎
‎maximum likelihood estimators and to illustrate the applicability of‎
‎the proposed distribution in practice‎.


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