Asymptotically best possible Lebesque-type inequalities for the Fourier sums on sets of generalized Poisson integrals

Anatoly Serdyuk, Tetiana Stepaniuk


In this paper we establish Lebesgue-type inequalities for $2\pi$-periodic functions $f$, which are defined by generalized Poisson integrals of the functions $\varphi$ from $L_{p}$, $1\leq p< \infty$. In these inequalities uniform norms of deviations of Fourier sums $\| f-S_{n-1} \|_{C}$ are expressed via best approximations $E_{n}(\varphi)_{L_{p}}$ of functions $\varphi$ by trigonometric polynomials in the metric of space $L_{p}$. We show that obtained estimates are asymptotically best possible.


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