Almost Convergence of Complex Uncertain Double Sequences

Binod Chandra Tripathy, Birojit Das, Piyali Debnath, Baby Bhattacharya


Convergence of real sequences, as well as complex sequences are studied by B. Liu and X. Chen respectively in uncertain environment. In this treatise, we extend the study of almost convergence by introducing double sequences of complex uncertain variable. Almost convergence with respect to almost surely, mean, measure, distribution and uniformly almost surely are presented and interrelationship among them are studied and depicted in the form of a diagram. We also define almost Cauchy sequence in the same format and establish some results. Conventionally we have, every convergent sequence is a Cauchy sequence and the converse case is not true in general. But taking complex uncertain variable in a double sequence, we find that a complex uncertain double sequence is a almost Cauchy sequence if and only if it is almost convergent with respect to almost surely. Some suitable examples and counter examples are properly placed to make the paper self sufficient.


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