Dynamics of a single predator multiple prey model with stochastic perturbation and seasonal variation

Lin-Fei Nie


Considering various factors are stochastic rather than deterministic in the evolution of populations growth, in this paper, we propose a single predator multiple prey stochastic model with seasonal variation. By using the method of solving an explicit solution, the existence of global positive solution of this model are obtained. The method is more convenient than Lyapunov analysis method for some population models. Moreover, the stochastically ultimate boundedness are considered by using the comparison theorem of stochastic differential equation. Further, some sufficient conditions for the extinction and strong persistence in the mean of populations are discussed, respectively. In addition, by constructing some suitable Lyapunov functions, we show that this model admits at least one periodic solution. Finally, numerical simulations clearly illustrate the main theoretical results and the effects of white noise and seasonal variation for the persistence and extinction of populations.


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