Study of \Gamma-Simulation Functions, Z_\Gamma-Contractions and Revisiting the L-Contractions

Gholamreza Heidary Joonaghany, Erdal Karapinar, Farshid Khojasteh, Stojan Radenovic


In this paper, we introduce the notions of $\mathcal{Z}_{\Gamma}-$contractions and Suzuki $\mathcal{Z}_{\Gamma}$-contractions via ${\Gamma}-$simulation functions. By using these new contractions, we extend and unify several existing fixed point results in the corresponding literature. We also show that the recently defined notion of $\mathscr{L}-$simulation function is an special case of $\mathcal{Z}_{\Gamma}-$contraction. In addition, some notable examples are given to illustrate and support the obtained results.


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