Dynamical behaviors in a discrete fractional-order predator-prey system

Yao Shi, Qiang Ma, Xiaohua Ding


This paper is related to the dynamical behaviors of a discrete-time fractional-order predator-prey model. We have investigated existence of positive fixed points and parametric conditions for local asymptotic stability of positive fixed points of this model. Moreover, it is also proved that the system undergoes Flip bifurcation and Neimark-Sacker bifurcation for positive fixed point. Various chaos control strategies are implemented for controlling the chaos due to Flip and Neimark-Sacker bifurcations. Finally, numerical simulations are provided to verify theoretical results. These results of numerical simulations demonstrate chaotic  behaviors over a broad range of parameters. The computation of the maximum Lyapunov exponents confirms the presence of chaotic behaviors in the model.


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