Hesitantfuzzy linguistic two-sided matching decision making

qi yue, Bingwen Yu, Yongshan Peng, Lei Zhang, Yu Hong


Theories of hesitant fuzzy linguistic term sets (HFLTSs) are quite helpful in han-dling the phases where persons are hesitant in giving their linguistic preferences. To extend its applicability, the theory of HFLTSs is combined with two-sided matching decision making (TSMDM). This paper first introduces the related definitions of HFLTSs and two-sided matchings (TSMs). Then, the problem of TSMDM with HFLTSs is presented. For solving this problem, a model of TSMDM with HFLTSs is developed. The AHP method is used to determine the important degrees of agents of each side. On this base, by using the linear weighted method, the model of TSMDM can be changed into a double-goal model with HFLTSs. Then, the double-goal model with HFLTSs is changed into the double-goal model with scores by using the proposed score function. Furthermore, the double-goal model can be changed into a single-goal model through the use of the linear weighting technique once again. The scheme of TSM can be obtained through solving the single-goal model. At last, an example with sensitive analysis is provided for the illustration of the presented approach of TSM.

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