A time-preference and VIKOR-based dynamic intuitionistic fuzzy decision making method

Li Jinqiu, Chen Wei, Yang Zaoli, Li Chuanyun


According to the decision information of multi-attribute decision-making problem with fuzzy and temporal characteristics, a dynamic intuitionistic fuzzy decision making method based on time preference and VIKOR is proposed. First, we determined the attribute weights under different time sequence based on intuitionistic fuzzy entropy minimization; secondly, we introduced the time degree function reflecting the decision makers' subjective time preference, and established a multi-objective programming model to obtain time weights; then we used dynamic intuitionistic fuzzy weighted geometric (DIFWG) operator to integrate different time periods of the intuitionistic fuzzy decision matrices; the VIKOR method is used in ranking solutions that takes account of group effectiveness maximization and individual regret minimization, and obtained the optimal scheme that is closet to ideal solution; finally, the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed method is verified by the example of a technology innovation alliance partner selection.

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