A Study on Fuzzy 2-absorbing Primary Γ-ideals in Γ-rings

Serkan Onar, Deniz Sonmez, Bayram Ali Ersoy, Gursel Yesilot, Kostaq Hila


In this paper, we initiate the study of generalization of fuzzy primary Γ-
ideals in Γ-rings by introducing fuzzy 2-absorbing primary Γ-ideals and
fuzzy strongly 2-absorbing primary Γ-ideals. The notions of an fuzzy 2-
absorbing primary Γ-ideal, fuzzy strongly 2-absorbing primary Γ-ideal
and fuzzy weakly completely 2-absorbing primary Γ-ideals are dened
and structural characteristic and properties of them are investigated.
The notion of fuzzy K Γ-2-absorbing primary Γ-ideal is introduced and
several properties of them are investigated. Finally, the relationships
between fuzzy 2-absorbing primary Γ-ideals of Γ-ring are examined.

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